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porque seria hipocrisia dizer que é fácil manter a cabeça no lugar

Make your dreams come true

Make your dreams come true

Some people may tell you’re not capable, they may laugh at you and tell you’re crazy.

I don’t know about a lot of things but one I’m sure: craziness is to live a life that you don’t love, with people that you don’t like, doing what you don’t want.

There’s no way to suddenly change your life, but it’s possible to make your dreams come true.

Just close your eyes and see what your heart desires. 

Where would you be? What would you do? Your attitude towards your dreams will make them come true or will just let them in your imagination.

It requires courage, resilience, planning. You’ll have to wake up early, study, to be with people you don’t like and doing boring things, but remember that it all will pass! It will be worth because dreams do come true.

It’s a hard task to complete, but it’s harder to live a life you don’t love.

Let your dreams come true!

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